W We have published various guides, codes of practice, forms and other documents of interest to hyperbaric practitioners in the UK. Documents are available as either downloadable PDFs or, where specified, in hard-copy print format.

Guide To Fire Safety Standards For Hyperbaric Treatment Centres

Compiled by: Roly Gough-Allen (Diving Diseases Research Centre), John Abrahams (South Western Regional Health Authority), Mike Allen (Hyox Systems Limited), Dave Elner (DRA Alverstoke), Graham McClue (Hyperbaric Medical Services), and Iain Middlebrook (HSM Engineering).

Published by The British Hyperbaric Association © 1996.

ISBN: 0 9527623 1 5

The Training And Education of Hyperbaric Unit Personnel

Report of a working party of the British Hyperbaric Association.

Committee Members: Dr Phillip Bryson, Mr John Florio, Mr Roly Gough-Allen, Sr Pam Grogan, Dr Martin Hamilton-Farrell (Chairman), Ms Nicky Phillips, Dr David Poole, Sr Jean Tarry.

Edited by John A S Ross.

Published by The British Hyperbaric Association © 1999.