BHA Statement on Provision of Mild HBOT

The British Hyperbaric Association (BHA) opposes the provision of “mild” hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) by facilities that are not registered specifically as providers of Hyperbaric Oxygen Services with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Such CQC registration is regarded by the BHA as mandatory to ensure the safe and effective delivery of HBOT in a setting maintained to an independently regulated standard, and subject to regular inspection.

Providers of “mild” HBOT (generally held to be that delivered at a pressure of less than or equal to 2 ATA) who advertise their service to treat disease and disorder should be able to demonstrate CQC registration as a provider of Hyperbaric Oxygen Services.

Furthermore, in the considered opinion of the BHA, there are ethical issues with charging patients for HBOT that either uses sub-therapeutic regimes, or purports to treat conditions with no related supportive evidence base.

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